Carey: Case Interview Bootcamp II, presented by Management Consulted

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Building upon students’ attendance and engagement in Consulting: What You Need to Know and Case Interview 101, Case Interview Bootcamp II will provide a deeper dive into preparing for case interviews. This session will be facilitated by a Management Consulted trainer who is a former junior partner at McKinsey.

Session Agenda:

1. Introduction to Market Sizing: The 4 Steps to Solve any Sizing Problem
2. Case Breakdown: Anatomy of a Case; Connecting the Pieces; Timing Guidance; What Firms Care About and What They Don’t
3. Introduction to Case Frameworks: 3 Main Frameworks; Structure Breakouts
4. Case Walkthrough: How the Pieces Fit Together; Partner Practice
5. The Ultimate Case Practice Plan: Where to Go from Here

If you did not attend Case 101 in-person or watch the recording, you MUST watch it prior to attending the 10/29 Bootcamp. You will receive a link to the recording upon registration.

You are encouraged to complete a few practice cases prior to attending the 10/29 session. Practice cases can be found at CaseCoach.com (login via Handshake –> Resources or “single sign-on” to access as a JHU student).

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