DEI Collective

  • How it Works
  • Requirements
  • Cost
    • Companies and organizations apply to be a member of the DEI Collective.
    • Accepted members gain access to the January hiring week, which will feature 1-on-1 interviews with their top choice candidates.
    • Members also gain access to 2 group calls with other partner companies, sharing best practices in DEI hiring, interviewing, and mentorship.
    1. Gain access to diverse student populations in one streamlined hiring effort. (61% of member companies had an internship hire this summer because of this program).  
    2. Cut through the noise and be part of a select group of companies receiving the focus and attention of underrepresented students.
    3. A focus on tangible outcomes: our goal is that you will walk away with 1-5 intern hires.
    4. Build your talent pipeline and brand among our students early on, resulting in more conversations and better hires.
    5. Engage with a working group of companies who share ideas and best practices around D&I hiring.
    6. Receive training from DEI experts to position recruiting programs and hiring practices moving forward. 
  • We are offering this program to our hiring partners at no cost. That being said, we highly recommend that you consider an additional stipend or service to support students with their technology needs during your internship. This could be for software, computers, a high-speed internet connection, and/or whatever you would expect your student to have in order to do their job well.

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Oct 1


Application deadline for companies who want to join the DEI Collective.

Nov 15


Receive tailored resume books for each position.

Dec 1


Deadline to select candidates for interviews.

Jan 18-21


DEI Collective 1-on-1 interviews with selected candidates.

March 4


Deadline to make internship offers to selected students.



Membership Requirements

No. 1


Members commit to hiring at least one intern for Summer 2022.    

No. 2


The internship must be paid.  

No. 3


The internship must be a minimum of 5 weeks.    

No. 4


Members commit to following the DEI Collective Guidelines and Best Practices for a fulfilling experience on both ends.              

No. 5


Member available for:

  • 1 preparation meeting/group call on Nov 5 or Nov 10, 2021
  • Duration of the hiring event Jan 18- Jan 21, 2022
  • 1 preparation meeting/group call on Feb 1 or Feb 4, 2022 

No. 6


Members agree to report hiring outcomes to DEI Collective, so we can produce a metrics report.