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Give It Your Best Shot: Reaching the Vaccine-Hesitant Young

2021 Johns Hopkins-Pulitzer Center Symposium

Nearly one in four young people is hesitant about COVID-19 vaccination, putting them at risk for severe disease.

How can public health officials reach adolescents and young people?
What messages in social media and elsewhere …

By Rhea Menon
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Explore Your Career Options with PDCO

Are you considering different career paths after your PhD or postdoctoral training but the realities leave you stressed? If you’re a JHU student, the Personal Development and Career Office (PDCO) can help you out. With their assistance, you can find …

By contributor
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8 Meaningful Professional Development Experiences As A Life Design Educator (So Far)

By Smiti Nathan, Life Design Educator: Physical and Environmental Sciences Since starting as Life Design Educator at Johns Hopkins University, I have had many opportunities to develop professionally. This post details my 8 meaningful professional development experiences as a Life …

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