Top Funding Priorities for School of Medicine Research

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is one of the world’s greatest institutions of education, research and patient care. Gifts to Johns Hopkins are an investment in a better future, because what Johns Hopkins achieves, it shares with the world. The generosity of alumni and friends who understand and believe in our mission enables Johns Hopkins to address unprecedented global challenges, safeguard and enhance health, enrich culture and advance the frontiers of knowledge. Every gift to Johns Hopkins, no matter its size, makes a difference. Gifts to the Annual Fund allow us to immediately address changing needs, but it is possible to direct your gift to a particular area of interest.

Annual Giving Scholarship Fund

In today’s challenging economic times, more and more medical students are in need of financial assistance in order to attend medical school. Approximately 70 percent of our medical students receive some form of financial aid. Your gift to the Annual Giving Scholarship Fund provides immediate funding which will allow the School of Medicine to attract and retain the best and the brightest students regardless of their financial need.

School of Medicine Annual Fund

Unrestricted gifts to the School of Medicine Annual Fund support the School’s highest priorities:

  • Financial aid
  • Teaching
  • Faculty support
  • Research
  • Capital projects

These gifts also allow the School of Medicine to address unforeseen opportunities to enrich education and advance knowledge. In today’s ever-changing scientific and technological setting, these gifts for current use are vital to our mission.

The Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE)

Established in 2009, the IEE promotes, values, and advances the educational mission of the School of Medicine while enhancing the School’s leadership role in medical education nationally and internationally. Working closely with faculty, the IEE will set new standards of excellence, encourage educational research and scholarship, expand career development opportunities, and inspire and support innovative teaching techniques that meet the needs of a new generation of medical students. To learn more about IEE, click here.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center is a state-of-the-art medical training facility that incorporates five types of simulation including: standardized patients, human patient simulation, virtual reality, task trainers and computerized simulation. The main goal of the Simulation Center is to improve safety within patient care. Current and future health care professionals “practice on plastic” honing their skills, refining advanced techniques and learning valuable social interactive tools for delivering important news to patients. This translational research becomes vital for creating the gold-standard in patient safety and medical teaching. To learn more about the Simulation Center, click here.

To explore how to gift or to make a donation, visit the School of Medicine Research website.

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