Follow the example of Carey’s International Programs

Opening a new Study Abroad initiative doesn’t need to be hard. Just as Hopkins students benefit from semester-long programs abroad, shorter week-long programs augment their learning experience like no other class can. 

For example, Carey Business School offers The Global Immersion program that embeds students within international companies facing today’s most pressing global business challenges. These seven-day travel courses take students out of the classroom into the heart of today’s biggest business questions, such as Brexit and trade policy’s influence on international business.

Typically held during the January Intersession or in Spring II, Global Immersion is an intense, one-week, two-credit course held at a university abroad. Classroom work is supplemented with on-site visits to government offices and corporate partners. Students collaborate with business leaders to examine a particular industry problem from the business’ perspective. Students learn first-hand how businesses are adapting to emerging political developments and how political outcomes impact business decisions and strategy. Topics include trade, industry, and regulation.

Last year featured two week-long programs: one in Lima, Peru, to study Peru’s trade opportunities and challenges as the country continues to see strong economic growth and investment amid poverty, economic inequality, and other development difficulties, and another in Frankfurt, Germany, the finance industry’s challenges and opportunities in the European Union, the impact of Brexit, and the future of doing business in the EU.

Do you have a short week-long program in mind? Visit Carey’s Global Immersion program website for contact information!

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