Current Research Projects in the School of Nursing

Want to contribute to the research program at Johns Hopkins but don’t know where to start? School of Nursing has a list of currently ongoing research projects to inspire you to get started. You can view it following this link:

There’s a variety of research that the School of Nursing conducts, and while all of them are connected to public health, some projects have socioeconomic purposes too. For instance, one of the projects is devoted to studying the social or economic impact of COVID-19 on elderly people in New York City with a goal of understanding changes in financial strain, social support, social isolation and technology use during the COVID pandemic. Funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the W.I.N.G.S. project is tasked with examining the place-based factors that affect health outcomes of Black young women ages 16-24 in Maryland.

Visit the School of Nursing website to see the full list of ongoing projects or to connect with the School to see your project on this page!

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