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Corona Careers

How to job search during a global pandemic.


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Welcome to 2021. The beginning of the year is a good time to review your resume. A well-crafted resume is an important first step in branding for your job search. In this episode, Laura and Paul use  their years of experience reviewing resumes to share their top tips and help you to revive your resume.
As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to take a step back and talk about clinical research jobs. These jobs can cover a broad range which includes lab and pharmacy techs, coordinators, managers and nurses. In our final episode of the year, we speak with two staff from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) – Senior Recruiter, Christine Saint-Amand, and COVID-19 Research Area Clinical Research Manager, Julia Rozman. Both of them talk about what HJF is looking for when hiring, research skills from academia that can be transferable in the workplace and more.
The top three issues swirling around us now are scale, scarcity, and skepticism. The scale of the pandemic right now.  The scarcity of the vaccine.  The skepticism of many Americans to take it.  In this episode, we speak with Lois Privor-Dumm, a Bloomberg Senior Research Associate and Senior Advisor, Policy Advocacy and Communications and Director of Adult Immunization at the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC). Lois breaks down these challenges and discusses the jobs that will emerge in government, nonprofits, academia, pharma and manufacturing companies to get the vaccine into people’s arms.

The Civilian Conservation Corps built many of our nation’s parks and trails shortly after WWII.  Now, the Covid Corps is helping end the coronavirus pandemic.  This nationwide program of the CDC Foundation hired and deployed more than 1,000 people around the US in just eight months.  In this episode, we talk with two Bloomberg alumni who are managing teams of contact tracers in the South and Midwest to help end the pandemic.

LinkedIn is much more than your professional profile and virtual Rolodex.  It’s a platform to learn about the organizations you want to work for, how they are growing or shrinking, and to connect with the people who can help you get inside information and ultimately – a great job.  In this episode we will give you some practical tips on using LinkedIn with the help of a LinkedIn User Interface Engineer. In this episode we will discuss the fifth category of COVID-19 jobs: technology.  Technology is very broad area in public health, especially during a pandemic. And we’re not talking about technicians – the people who might run a test on your blood or take an x-ray.  We’re talking high-tech: jobs that harness artificial intelligence, data science, and e-learning.  Our guest is Peter Otieno, the Operations & Delivery Lead at Amref Enterprises, a global community health NGO with offices in 16 countries in Africa. In this episode we discuss the fourth category of COVID-19 jobs: Vaccine Research and Development.  This is where the bulk of government and philanthropic investment is being spent right now. Joining us is Johns Hopkins alum Lou Bourgeois, a Science Officer in the Vaccine Innovation and Access department of PATH. In this episode we discuss the evolution to our gig economy and how you can go about creating your own consultancy. Joining us is Tamar Renaud, the COO from Vital Strategies, a global health NGO. Tamar is the consummate inside manager who keeps her organization running like a well-oiled machine. In this episode we discuss the five areas public health professionals can work in to help end the pandemic: technical, communications, management, research, and revenue.  We’ll then discuss specific jobs within each area and the top responsibilities in each so you can decide what area is right for you. We will also zero in on one job type – communications – with Janie Hayes, Health Communications Consultant at Resolve to Save Lives. This episode reinforces how important networking is to finding and landing a great job.  We’ll share concrete tips on how to build your network from the bowels of your parents’ basement.   Hosts:


Paul Hutchinson is the Director of Career Services at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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Laura Wigglesworth is a Bloomberg alum and a global health recruiter with 15 years experience recruiting in public health.      

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